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Welcome! Glad you found me. Let me capture your memories and make them everlasting! I can't emphasize this enough. Photography and video are everlasting. The endearing habits. The connections we have are timeless. But as a parent I know it's not easy to enjoy your event and make it a priority to capture all those wonderful moments. This is why professional photography is so important and why I love telling stories that should never be lost or forgotten.  

I believe in photographs that are meaningful, relaxed, and authentic. It takes effort and time to create images that let you remember and share the most important memories of here and now. I specialize in weddings, family and event photography. I also love headshots and wedding videography. I'm conveniently located to Payette, Idaho just outside of Boise. I'm excited to get back to capturing  events, like rodeos, fairs, and other adventures as Covid slips into memory.

-Giovanni Paolo

What's New? What am I up to?

Hey hey Giovanni here! I just completed editing the Studio 17 Winter RecitalClick here to open the gallery. Thank you so much for your support as it helps me keep coming out to capture these great community events!

Family Photography

I believe in natural poses that allow for the individual to shine through. To me it's about listening to you and making your family session the most delightful experience in front of a  camera. As a true "wrangler of light" I use strobes to compliment natural light to increase my efficiency and keepers. My wife and I make a great team as she's amazing with kids and I'm easy going as there is. My goal is to capture moments that reminds you of your love for one another. I believe that family photos bring joy. And, in hard times, your family photos can bring comfort and can heal.

* $0 session fee if you like and follow my FB and IG page and review my business on FB and Google. See my Family Photography page!

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Event Photography and Rodeo

I love event photography. I have a deep love for story telling and capturing raw moments of excitement or those quiet candid minutes that also need capturing. Concerts, Fairs, Showmanship competition and Rodeo are my favorite as parents and families alike deserve to have great photography. My goal is to capture these happy events for you so you can live in the moment instead of worrying about your camera settings. I can provide photography or videography of your event. Let's chat about your next event. See my Rodeo page!

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Why Videography?

How often have you been to an event like a wedding or birthday party and thought about all the wonderful moments that could have been captured with video? Think about it for a second. Photos capture the moment, but video lets you relive the moment as it occurred. Let's go even further with this thought. 

Professional video captures the mood, lighting, emotion and most flattering composition with excellent audio. This is what I bring to your event. My rates are competitive and fair as my goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to afford high quality event video. Contact me. Let's chat about your videography needs, I bet I have a package just for you. See my Wedding Videography page!                                                

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Wedding Videography

Event Videography

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